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Keylock Storage

450 S Maple Grove Rd, Boise, ID, 83709

Storage Customer Reviews

Justin W

5 months ago
Affordable Storage is just plain awesome. They really care about their customers and keep the facility looking good.

Roc Pilon

6 months ago
Great facility! Friendly customer service.

Mary Webb

1 month ago
Had a terrible time logging into my account. Jennifer was awesome in getting to the right people to resolve my problem. She deserves a high five.

David Hoelscher

4 weeks ago
Great staff, competitive prices and clean, secure grounds. Will definitely check with them if I'm in meed of another storage unit.

mike barrett

1 month ago
24 hr access. Decent prices

Sylvia Wilson

5 months ago
They did send out letters re the increase. Yes it more than doubled; it was about a 55% increase. I was in the slower-than-intended-process of moving out of a more expensive place that keeps raising it's rates. Now "Affordable" is more expensive. It's still a bit cheaper than where my husband's storage is though. It is expensive to move to another; that's what they're counting on. I needed to deal with my stuff anyway so it is good incentive to get a movin'! I'm not moving the remainder of my things over to "Not Affordable" though; they're cheaper where they are.

Jennifer Stover

6 months ago
We never received a notice stating our storage unit payment was going to be increased by 66.00. It was just automatically deleted from our checking account. We inquired about the payment today and they informed us of the increase. (Apparently the facility was sold). We are not staying! We have called other facilities in the area and for the same size, they are considerably cheaper. The grounds are NOT maintained. They haven't plowed or put ice melt down and as of last weekend, there is still inches of packed ice all around the units and on the roadway. It would be very difficult to even get to your unit if you were in a little car. My advice would be stay away of this place.

Robbi Trottier

7 months ago
I just received letter telling me my unit rate would raise from an "affordable" $75 a month to more than double "unaffordable" $166 a month. I am disable and have to find a place to move my things in this freezing snowy weather. Beware, this is neither affordable or convenient. 1/04/2017
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