Storage Units in Twentynine Palms

Self Storage in Twentynine Palms, CA

Residents of Twentynine Palms often say, “Life is fine in Twentynine.” Live in the area long enough and you’ll agree. The oddly named California desert community got its moniker from an oasis of 29 palm trees that was found in 1852. Legend states that that oasis—called the Oasis of Mara—was planted by the Serrano people who were told to plant a palm tree each time a boy was born. These days, if you’re a Twentynine Palms resident looking to create your own personal oasis at home, you’ll find that self storage can help with decluttering.

Located at an elevation of just under 2,000 feet, Twentynine Palm’s unique desert climate is the perfect place to use self storage. The dry environment is free from the bane of any self storage facility’s existence: humidity. Rent a storage unit in a city that sees rainfall and moisture in the air and your belongings may be susceptible to rust and mold. Rent a storage unit in Twentynine Palms and you won’t have those concerns. And yes, while it is true that summers in Twentynine Palms can be scorching, winter, fall and spring are absolutely perfect—and there are storage units available to handle any season.

Twentynine Palms is known for its diverse and eclectic community. The 25,902 residents who call Twentynine Palms home are made up of military men and women who serve at the world’s largest marine base, artists who paint the town’s famed murals and outdoor enthusiasts who explore Joshua Tree National Park. There’s even one celebrity resident: Dick Dale, the famous King of Surf Guitar, who is credited with influencing Jimi Hendrix. No matter what you’re storing, whether it’s a telescope that you use to check out the stunning night sky or the climbing equipment for your next desert adventure, it’s easy to find a storage unit to suit your needs in Twentynine Palms.

Twentynine Palms, CA Military Storage

Did you know that the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms is larger than some small countries? It’s true; the 1,000 square mile base is home to expansive desert land and a massive population of military men and women. In fact, it’s the largest base in the world. And as you might imagine, the largest military base in the world needs lots of self storage.

The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center has 12,500 active duty military men and women along with a whopping 24,000 military family members. Add in 21,000 DoD contractors and 1,200 retirees and it’s safe to say that Twentynine Palms is a military town. Local self storage facilities are proud to serve these very important tenants.

As a military member, self storage in Twentynine Palms is designed to work for you. From month-to-month leases to military discounts, storage facilities aim to please. If you’re currently waiting to get into the base housing area of your choice, self storage can offer you a place to keep your furniture and other large items in the interim. If you’re facing relocation or deployment, self storage can keep your belongings safe until you get home. If you’ve opted to live at the RV park at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, self storage can offer you a little extra closet space. No matter what your needs are during your time in Twentynine Palms, your local self storage experts are here to serve you as a small thank you for serving our country.

Twentynine Palms, CA University Storage

If you’re looking to get educated in Twentynine Palms, you might be surprised by your options. Whether you’re a local high school graduate moving on to higher education, a military member stationed at the marine base or an adult looking to go back to school, Twentynine Palms can serve as a great launchpad for any education goals. And if your education goals come with textbooks, school supplies and furniture for your dorm or apartment, self storage can offer you some much needed extra space in Twentynine Palms.

For a local college option, many Twentynine Palms residents and military transplants choose Copper Mountain College in nearby Joshua Tree. This community college is accredited and enrolls a population of 668 full time students and 1,026 part time students. An hour away from Copper Mountain College, you’ll find the school’s affiliated College of the Desert in Palm Desert, which enrolls 4,003 students full time and 6,463 students part time. Self storage in Twentynine Palms can help you while you get your associate’s degree, but don’t forget that it can also give you a safe place for your stuff when you leave town and head off to get a four-year degree.

If you’re interested in transferring to a four year institution after attending Copper Mountain College, you’ll have plenty of options. You can stay relatively close (or even commute) and attend class at California State University, San Bernardino or University of California’s Palm Desert campus. Both are about 40 miles away. You can also put your stuff in self storage and follow your dreams to a vast range of colleges in Los Angeles (about two and a half hours from Twentynine Palms) or San Diego (about three hours from Twentynine Palms). Remember, self storage often costs more when located in large cities or near college campuses, so renting a storage unit in Twentynine Palms could save you big time.