8 Items You Can't Put in a Storage Unit

admin | January 8, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

8 Items You Can't Put in a Storage Unit!

Regardless of whether you're moving or decluttering your home, one thing's for sure - you'll need to find a place for your belongings. If you can store everything in your own home, that's great. If not, you can always rent a storage unit. Nevertheless, even though this is a great option, it has its downsides that you need to research and consider. One of the things you should pay attention to is which items you can't put into a storage unit.

1) Pets and People

  Can't Store Pets in Storage Unit

Especially during a relocation, people don't have a permanent place to stay. This can make you consider options that you otherwise wouldn't. Even though it's pretty rare that anyone tries to store pets and people, there have been cases. Mentioning this before anything else simply makes sense since its the biggest no-no. The insulation in most storage units doesn't make the environment safe enough for living beings.  They usually dont have HVAC systems that could make up for that. This means that spending a lot of time in a unit or falling asleep inside can be really dangerous.


2) Food and Perishable goods


One of the first things that go when you're decluttering your home is food and other perishable goods. If you have too much, you'll probably need to throw out some or even most of it. People often try to store food and perishables along with other items. This is a bad idea through and through. Even if you've rented short-term storage, you should not try to preserve these items. Apart from the obvious foods and things that you cannot put into a storage unit, the rule applies to frozen foods as well. Even if you manage to keep it from going bad, it can attract all kinds of pests.

3) Corrosive chemicals

You would be surprised at how many accidents are reported yearly because people store dangerous chemicals in their storage units. Anything that could in any way cause harm or damage to your items or your well-being just by spilling should be nowhere near your unit. If you fail to keep these chemicals outside of your storage, you'll not only risk ruining all your belongings but the storage struction as well.

4)  Illegal substances

Every storage facility has security staff who need to check whether everything is legal. When it comes to the items you cannot put in a storage unit, the most frowned upon would be illegal substances such as drugs or stolen goods. Most newer storage units have pretty thorough surveillance systems that won't let people get away with such actions.

5) Firearms and ammunitiion

Cannot store Firearms or ammunition in storag eunit.

Even though there are permissions that allow you to own and carry firearms, that doesn't mean that you can store them this way. Keep those items at home and follow proper procedures when moving. Weapons and ammunition demand a much higher level of safety when being stored that just a simple, run-of-the-mill storage unit.

6) Valuable Items and Heirlooms

Even though there is security in place in most storage facilities, you still need to be careful. It's not recommended to leave any valuable items and heirlooks inside these units. You never know what could happen. Robbery is only one of hte possibilities. There are alos accidents involving unpredictable weather conditions.

7) Plants

Another living thing on our list you can't put in a storage unit is plants. Although consequences are nowhere as severe as if you were to keep pets inside the unit, it's still not recommended. They won't get nearly enough air or light exposure to survive. It's a much safter bet to leave them with friends or neighbors.


8) Documents

Like other valuable items, documents must not be stored in storage units. In case of a flood or fire, you wouldn't be able to get these back. Make sure to find a safe and dark spot for them diuring your move or renovation.

Getting a storage unit while Moving

Of course, therea re many items that you can put in a storage unit. Make sure to find a suitable one. Take inventory of all your belongings first and then assess your particular needs. It's an entirely different thing if you're looking for short-term storage, long-term storage, climate-controlled storage, etc. Don't forget that cleaning storage space is one of your obligations, and you should take it seriuosly.

Relocating to California

Moving to California won't only require you to get a storage unit and transport your items. You'll need to do a lot more than that.  The smartest strategy, in this case, is to hire movers. They'll help you see that Organinzing an easy process is possible, if you have the right people by your side. 


Are their any exceptions?

Of course, therea re some grey areas that you'll need to research along the way. For example, some storage units don't recommend storing makeup for longer periods of time, while in others, it's completely fine. Make sure to read the fine print before agreeing to anything.

Is Insuring your belongings worth it?

Whether we're talking about the items you can't put in a storage unit or regular things, you'll rearely get full insurance just by renting out a storage unit. This is something that you need to do on your own. If you are considering storing valuable items, it might be worth exploring. 


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