6 Steps to Decluttering Your Home!

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6 Tips for Decluttering Your Home with Self Storage


The Christmas season is fast approaching, but before we're ready for holiday festivities, there's a lot to do! From buying presents to decorating - there are plenty of enjoyable activities to look forward to. Of course, we all want our homes to look their best at this time of year. However, no home will look cozy and appealing if it is crowded and overflowing with stuff. That means it's time for decluttering! With that in mind, we've prepared some excellent tips for decluttering your home with self storage.

Make a plan of action

Getting rid of all the clutter is often difficult to do. Not only is it a physically demanding and time-consuming task, but it also takes a toll on our emotions. The things we keep in our homes often bring back happy memories and have a lot of sentimental value. For that reason, throwing them away can make us anxious and emotional.

However, things do tend to accumulate if left unchecked! While parting with some items can be painful, a neat and tidy home will boost your mood and energy levels. Not to mention your home will look airy and appealing.

So, to achieve the best results, it's essential to make a detailed plan. Consider the most critical areas in your home that you want to tackle. Is the kitchen getting out of hand? Or is it your closet? If you're planning on renting self storage, ensure you find the unit that suits your needs. Enlist your family or friends to help you and make a schedule to keep you on track. Getting organized in this way will enable you to better organize your home, too.

Decide on how to sort your belongings

Decluttering your home doesn't necessarily mean throwing away half of your belongings. On the contrary, it means getting rid of items you don't use or care about. Avoid making some of the most common decluttering mistakes and, instead, make room for what's meaningful and precious to you. Therefore, consider sorting your belongings into the following categories:

  • keep - as you're going through various items, don't forget to put aside the ones you definitely want to keep
  • store - if there are items you want to keep but simply don't have room for, consider a self storage unit
  • repair - if the item could become useful or valuable with a little bit of attention from you, put it separately for later
  • donate - all the items that are still in good condition but you don't want or need anymore are the perfect candidates for this category
  • throw away or recycle- finally, everything that is beyond repair, unnecessary, or unwanted belongs in your trash can

Sorting Items into different catagories


Make the most of the storage space you have at your disposal

Once the trash is out, it's time to organize what's left. Firstly, consider all the available storage at home. Although it may seem that your home is short on space, looks may be deceiving. In fact, storage options are endless! Here are some excellent ideas:

  • multi-purpose furniture pieces - perfect for storing a variety of items - from clothes and extra bedding to magazines and toys
  • vertical space - make the most of your walls with various hooks, racks, rails, or additional shelves
  • decorative bins - they come in a variety of lovely designs and materials
  • drawer, shelf, and closet organizers are a must for a neat home

Consider renting a storage unit for some treasured items

However, sometimes there are items that we love, but we simply don't have enough space at home to keep them. If this is the case with you, decluttering your home with self storage is the way to go. This solution is perfect for storing a wide variety of items - from bulky camping or sports equipment to large furniture pieces or even bikes and cars.

On the other hand, getting all these heavy and bulky items to your storage unit can be daunting. Luckily, you can hire affordable and reliable local movers to perform this task for you. Local professionals can help you with this - they'll properly pack and safely transport your belongings to your storage unit. Not only will all your cherished items be secure and well protected, but your home will gain both spaciousness and charm!

Ensure that you opt for the self storage unit that fits your needs.


Room by room guide for decluttering your home with self storage

Doing all the decluttering at once can be quite overwhelming. Instead of reducing stress and feeling better, you'll probably end up being more anxious than ever! For that reason, it's best to adopt a room-by-room approach.


Starting with the kitchen is always a good idea. Firstly, wage war on large storage cabinets - they're likely to be the most cluttered! Then move on to the other cabinets and drawers and finish with clearing the mess from your countertops. Keep in mind the categories we've discussed earlier and sort everything properly.

Living room

Similar to the kitchen, the living room is a high-traffic area where the family gathers and spends a lot of time together. That makes it your next priority. Start with bookcases and cabinets you have. Broken or outdated decor, items you don't need, useless piles of magazines, etc., are the first to go. Your living room will certainly look more spacious and compelling once all the clutter is out of the way!



Next, the bedrooms! These are not too difficult to declutter - first deal with laundry and beds. Then move on to organizing and decluttering random items on the bedside tables and in drawers. However, depending on how often you declutter, the closets can prove to be quite a challenge! A rule of thumb (in combination with a closet organizer or two) is generally this: if you haven't worn it in a year, it's time to get rid of it!


Decluttering a bathroom is the most manageable by far! Go through the products you have and throw away the ones with expired dates. Then, organize the rest neatly in the cabinets with the ones you use most often within easy reach. And the bathroom is done!

Make decluttering a part of your routine

Last but not least, once your home is neat and tidy, keep it that way! Make decluttering your habit and incorporate it into your weekly or monthly routine. That way, your home will always be clean and well-organized. Follow these tips for decluttering your home with self storage and prepare for the upcoming holiday season!


Meta description: Decluttering is often a daunting task. Follow these tips for decluttering your home with self storage and enjoy your lovely home in full!

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